Faculty Development

As chair of Faculty Development at McHenry County College from 2009 – 2015, I worked on a number of projects to promote faculty development in a variety of modes to our full-time and part-time faculty members:

Faculty Development Days: I worked with my Faculty Development Team (formerly the Faculty Development Advisory Committee) to design and organize two eight-hour faculty development days (each August and January). These days were mapped to meet the continuing education and training needs of our full and part-time faculty members through subject matter, assessment, pedagogy, and professionalism, the four tenets of Excellence in Teaching at MCC.

New Faculty Orientation: During my six years as chair of faculty development, I led nearly forty new faculty members through a two-and-a-half year orientation program that included new faculty participating in series of workshops, meeting with mentors, completing a self-assessment and an extensive observation of tenured faculty members, selecting College committee work, and creating a tenure portfolio.

Faculty Development Blog: I created, developed content for, and recruited content from other full and part-time faculty members for our faculty development blog, Five Minutes of Faculty Development.

Social Media: I created an MCC Faculty Development Facebook Page through which my FDT and I could share articles from professional journals and higher education websites as well as promote professional development opportunities at the College.


Photos from recent bi-annual Faculty Development Days: