Power in Prose

The Spring 2015 semester I started a new project with my creative writing students–a reading series to showcase their own original work, written during this semester.

The students organized the marketing materials, came up with a set-list for who would read when, and decided that they’d have booklets of their work printed and ask for donations to be given to different literacy and writing programs in the area.

And, because they’re super cool, they also decided to color coordinate the three evenings. Here are some of the photos from the first “Black and White” evening:

And pictures from the “Blue and Purple” night:

And images from the “Red and Yellow” night:

The afternoon of our final reading, we’d workshopped a 10-minute play, and had done a cold-reading in class before we started in on the critique. So, the four students who’d read through it decided to do a quick performance for the reading series audience–it was bold and hilarious of them, and the crowd enjoyed it:

All of the students have done a wonderful job with this project. I’m proud of their efforts in organizing the reading series and in the work they produced.

English 250 Spring 2015


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