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I contribute periodically to the website Bitch Flicks, which is “a website devoted to reviewing films and television through a feminist lens.” Click through the titles below to read my pieces, and once you’re on the site, be sure to check out the work of Bitch Flicks’s many excellent contributors.

The Scary Truth About Sisters in Horror Films.” August 30, 2016.

How Women Directors Turn Narrative On Its Head.” April 1, 2016

“‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Is Doing Something Right: How One Workplace Sitcom Shows That Interracial Relationships Can Be the Norm.” February 25, 2016

Nobody Puts Susan Cooper in the Basement: Melissa McCarthy and Skillful, Competent Violence in Film.” October 29, 2015

Laura Power Bitch Flicks


October 13, 2015, the website Cinefilles published my essay “Home Sweet Home: Women, Houses, and Horror.”

Cinefilles is a website that creates content devoted to “TV coverage, news and cultural insights on the role of women in entertainment, on screen and off.

Cinefilles Screenshot Oct.2015

Chicago Reader

I write freelance film reviews for the Chicago Reader. Read my first review of The Keeping Room, from the December 10, 2015 issue.

Reader Screen Shot

Writing for the Classroom

In August, 2014, my first textbook became available through Kendall Hunt Publishing.

The book, entitled Introduction to College Writing, is designed to work for the English 095 course at McHenry County College, but could be applied to any developmental English composition course.

Introduction to College Writing

The book’s style is straight forward and employs multiple student examples to give readers jumping-off points and samples, some of which are strong, and some of which could be critically reviewed and revised. There is a chapter entitled “Beyond Academic Writing” that gives readers an insight into business communication, specifically the business letter and the business e-mail. The final chapter in the book focuses on practical grammar and sentence boundary issues, which many students struggle with in freshman and sophomore courses.

The book is spiral bound for easy reading and note-taking, and it employs numerous graphic organizers for brainstorming.

Get more information at Kendall Hunt, and please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions.




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